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The Royal Court of the Papercraft Conservatory

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hey kids. [14 Jul 2007|03:54am]

We can't run this game unless people participate in the stuff they do in it. We were supposed to do a run last friday-- we changed it to this friday. Only two people got the presents for it. So if you're not interested, say so here, so we can rework things or nix this all together.
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Personal Effects [12 Jul 2007|12:12am]


[ lucille. ]

Her fingertips rose unconsciously to the left corner of her mouth.Collapse )
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take it and go [07 Jul 2007|01:05am]


[ Lucille . Beatrix ]

She snarled like an animal that had just been stepped on.

Lucille's brush fell to the floor with a loud clatter, nostrils flaring as her hands touched her hair. The golden locks were full of grease, turned a nasty, dull shade of gray. Her brain registered the smell immediately.

coal dust.Collapse )
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NEW GIRL. [07 Jul 2007|01:24am]



please welcome Miles [[claptrapcrusader]] to the game.

NATASHA is no longer the beggar. SIMONE, the new girl, has taken her spot.

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Cleansing [06 Jul 2007|09:08pm]


[ morrigan . mercy . lucille ]

Morrigan was in a proper fit.

She stood precariously in front of the door of Tara and Natasha's room, as if one more step in any direction would certainly burn her foot off. The scene before her was one of upheavel, localized entirely to Natasha's side of the room. Clothes were strewn everywhere, pictures ripped from the walls, the mattress of her bed all askew.

The dutchess wrinkled her petite nose in offense to the sight.Collapse )
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ANNOUNCEMENT!! [06 Jul 2007|09:03pm]


Please refer to the old announcement for specific instructions. Gifts due July 13 @ 5PM EST.
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don't cry... [06 Jul 2007|03:45am]

over spilt milk.

in order of appearance :: natasha . mercy . madeline . headmaster witte ]

Begger. It was a dirty, dirty word, and only hers because certain dirty, dirty Royals had chosen stupid, stupid gifts. Natasha had tried so hard to make something pretty, something snowy, something that worked, but it all melted and was ruined before judgement could pass. Angry and afraid, her eyes cast to the floor or a book, Natasha had been in hiding and hid still in a special fortress under a special desk in a special corner of the library where she was sure she was least likely to be seen right away.

Supposedly, anyways.Collapse )
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A day in the life. [06 Jul 2007|01:49am]

[ morrigan, unaccompanied ]

Fine gossamer wings denied their delicacy from behind the safety of polished glass, their iridescent expanse reflecting a rainbow of before-unseen colors in glow of the near-evening sun from Morrigan's shared dormitory window. Twenty such glass prisons were mounted to the wall above a desk containing at least three more, unfilled. Each housed insects of varying sorts, mostly be-winged, and mostly butterflies, moths, mayflys and their dragonfly cousins.Collapse )
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wildflowers. [01 Jul 2007|08:40pm]

[ little mercy; all alone ]

once upon a time, there lived a seashell princess. she lived with many fishy underlings on the cold, cold seashore-- and though they spoke no words, they loved her very dearly. one day, a seagull came and snapped up all the fish, feasting on their innards and staining the seafoam red with gore. "why have you done this to my people?" she cried.

and then she, too, was torn to bits and devoured as an afterdinner snack.Collapse )
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Taciturn [01 Jul 2007|04:58am]


( lucille. )

Silence was one of life's greatest pleasures.

Daffodil fabric fell over knobby knees, drawn close to her chest, upon which an open book was perched. Reclined in the pillows, slender, papercut fingers leafed slowly through its contents.

Patent leather Mary Janes sat abandoned on the floor beside the bed, socks tucked neatly inside while bare toes wiggled from time to time, enjoying their freedom. Sunlight poured through the window, warm and comforting -- things with which Lucille was most unfamiliar, and therefore dismissed.Collapse )
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My my mY [30 Jun 2007|12:01pm]

[ margaret . mercy ]

Margaret sat in the art room alone.

One thing among many other things that she did not appreciate was an overabundance of company when trying to concentrate on work. By work, that really meant her art. Swirls of crimson, and navy, and ivory -- they all melted together to form a grotesque abstract take on the window before her, a breeze bringing the frayed, greyish curtain to life.

Dust mites floated in the sunlight, and in her peripheral vision, she counted them like sheep.

When she counted, she surely never called.Collapse )
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vultures. [30 Jun 2007|12:53am]

[ madeline, all alone. ]

what's wooden and cold,
filthy and reeking, slippery,
seething, sad and leaking
out from under the door?Collapse )

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AND WE BEGIN. [29 Jun 2007|10:51pm]


Crayon fliers circulate in secret, away from the eyes of prying monsters.


This week's gift is a baby bird full of song and any girl in the kingdom who fails her task will be punished for disrespect of the royal court!

The Princess of the Blood Rose & The Prince of the Lily Garden


Our BEGGAR to start the game will be NATASHA as played by Chrys [mistress war]. She is NOT new to the school-- she failed the last task of the Devil's Dictum: to find a summer snow.

As people come in, we'll get new girls. But here's dormatory assignments for now-- it'll be 2 to a room. The dormatory hall lies on the top floor adjacent to the main stairwell to the rest of the orphanage and to the attic. The numbers get larger as they get farther away from the stairs.

101. Mercy, Madeline
102. Lennox-Marie, Margaret
103. Morrigan, Marielle
104. Beatrix, Lucille
105. Tara, Natasha

We'll assume that they'll have their first meeting next friday. does this sound okay to everyone?

otherwise, HAPPY POSTING. We are officially open.

PS!! When it says due, it means the post where they acquire it is to be up before then-- and they have to keep it up until that point too! Remember that people can and will steal your gifts from you!

PPS!! I never clarified, but the Royal Court DOES NOT NEED to acquire gifts-- but it's looked favourably upon if they do. Make it a game amongst yourselves, eh? <3
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in preparation. [27 Jun 2007|02:02pm]


there are a couple of announcements in general, and a couple of favours i'd like to ask of you all.

first, the game will open this friday.

second, i need everyone to put this information in their girl's profile--

full name
years at the orphanage
favourite subject

the years at the orphanage might change, because whoever is our starting beggar is going to be the new girl.

in addiition to that, i need everyone to make a post in their journal that is filtered to ONLY mercy_please and interspinas we will be using these to give you information about what's going on-- like if Sally gets a wad of paper thrown at her in the hall that calls her a dirty thief, or if someone finds a spider in their bed, or if someone suddenly goes missing. that sort of thing.

in addition, any commoners must guess a number between 1 and 100. the darling farthest from my chosen number will be our opening beggar.

when you've got all that done, please post a reply to this post saying you've done everything. and then please include the number of your guess. The royal court does not have to choose numbers.

thank you all for your undivided attentions.


ps. we'll be assigning dormatories later.

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ha-ha-ha. [27 Jun 2007|01:28am]

once upon a time, there was a little girl who couldn't stand the sight of the outside world, so she walked around with her eyes close. one day, she fell into a hole and was all gobbled up by fireants and earthworms.

my, what a stupid girl she was.
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