Mercy (mercy_please) wrote in devils_dictum,

in preparation.

there are a couple of announcements in general, and a couple of favours i'd like to ask of you all.

first, the game will open this friday.

second, i need everyone to put this information in their girl's profile--

full name
years at the orphanage
favourite subject

the years at the orphanage might change, because whoever is our starting beggar is going to be the new girl.

in addiition to that, i need everyone to make a post in their journal that is filtered to ONLY mercy_please and interspinas we will be using these to give you information about what's going on-- like if Sally gets a wad of paper thrown at her in the hall that calls her a dirty thief, or if someone finds a spider in their bed, or if someone suddenly goes missing. that sort of thing.

in addition, any commoners must guess a number between 1 and 100. the darling farthest from my chosen number will be our opening beggar.

when you've got all that done, please post a reply to this post saying you've done everything. and then please include the number of your guess. The royal court does not have to choose numbers.

thank you all for your undivided attentions.


ps. we'll be assigning dormatories later.

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